Our brand-new network packages can be a highly accessible way for your school to engage with professional development.

The model for this support is to connect with a number of other schools (at least 6) and agree a pathway of support.

We would then be able to provide the following:

  • 3x twilight sessions for your Science subject lead
  • 3x twilight sessions for Science subject leads and any other staff from within your school.

This package helps to keep our support affordable and local for your group of schools.

If you do not immediately have links with other schools, you can still email us to register interest for when other schools express their interest in joining the programme.

The secondary hub package costs approximately £400 per school - this cost covers all 6 sessions (This cost can vary slightly depending on the courses chosen.)

The journey for this can be completely customised based on your needs.

It could look like this:

Session 1 (Subject leads)  - From examiners reports to influencing pupil outcomes (Part 1)

Session 2 (All) - Stretch and challenge

Session 3 (Subject leads) - Ofsted readiness

Session 4 (All) - Chemistry subject knowledge for non-specialists

Session 5 (Physics department) - How to engage and ensure progress for low attainers

Session 6 (Subject leads)  - From examiners reports to influencing pupil outcomes (Part 2)